3 Phase power outlets

Have you bought a new 3Phase equipment/ machinery to your business premises and now you require a new 3phase plug socket (commando socket)? not a problem, give us a call for a free no obligation quote

4 Pin & 5 Pin 3Phase Plugs & Sockets

3Phase equipment come in either 4 pin or 5 pin versions. Size of the 3phase plug ( and the 3phase socket) you require will also vary depending on the required AMP level, ie: 16Amp, 32Amp etc.

If you need a Free quote to add a new 3phase plug socket simply " Whats App" some images of your equipment, socket & fuse board to 07984363052 or email to

3 Phase Fuse boards

We can supply & install 3 phase power distribution boards to suite your requirements. whether you have a new warehouse that require a new fuse board installing or upgrading your old 3phase board, simply give us a call and we will give you free advice for you to determine best option

other solutions

  • upgrade of circuit breakers to RCBO (for socket circuits) in order to add RCD protection to your circuits

  • SPD ( Surge protection device) installation

  • AFDD (Arc fault detection device) installation

New 3 Phase Circuit additions

We can install 3 phase & single phase new circuits to suite your requirements

  • new 3phase machinery power

  • 3phase to sub distribution boards

  • 3phase power supplies to your new high speed roller shutter

  • Air Conditioning (AC) units 3 Phase supply to compressor

  • 3 Phase electricity to your new chiller compressor (refrigeration)

Commercial Kitchens

Full range of electrical services to commercial kitchens

  • 3Phase Electric Oven power supplies

  • Power supplies to extractor fans & fan controls

  • IP Rated (water resistant) Power outlets for worktops

  • Steam and moisture resistant lighting systems for kitchens

  • Electric Grills, cookers, Hobs, Microwaves etc

Cold room electrics

all electrical requirements for cold rooms in commercial kitchens and similar areas

Electric Heating for warehouses

if you do not have the option of having either central heating or other forms of gas or oil heating in your industrial unit/ warehouse, we can provide you with an energy efficient fully electric heating system. Above images are from an installation we've carried out for a warehouse in Acton in London.

  • Warehouse infrared heating systems

  • ceiling mount infrared heaters

  • industrial infrared heaters

  • wall mount electric heaters

Lighting Installations

wide range of DALI compatible decorative lighting systems for small to medium shops

this image is from a lighting installation that we've carried out for Hampstead butchers in North London

LED Battens

LED batten lighting becoming very popular in warehouses and other similar commercial and industrial premises

  • Lot more brighter than Florescent tubes

  • LED saves more electricity

  • doesn't require regular maintenance

this image is from a lighting installation we've carried out for Chris Stevens building merchants in Holloway road London