High Bay LED Lights


Few video clips put together from one of our recent warehouse lighting installation project

Indoor Cricket Lighting

This is another one of our recent installations, we have carried out a complete high bay LED lighting installation work including all cable tray containment systems for this indoor cricket play area


With our electrical & Lighting installation work, we've helped our client to transform this empty warehouse space in to something spectacular


We have installed 22 units of LED "HIGH BAY" lights for the entire indoor cricket play area of this premises. Lighting output (in terms of Lumens) went from 85 Lux prior to the installation to 1850Lux after the new installation

Cable Tray installation

in most of the commercial & industrial jobs, in order to keep the wires neatly up in the ceiling with adequate support to all heavy armoured cables and other electrical accessories, we have to install a cable tray system. EIS electrical are specialised in various types of cable containment systems.

  • Cable tray systems ( low ceilings and high ceilings)

  • Cable trunking systems ( for plant rooms and other distribution areas)

  • Cable basket systems for ELV ( Extra low voltage) lines and DATA & Fire alarm cable installations

this image was taken during our installation work at this indoor cricket play area in Hainault, Ilford

Scissor lifts & Scaffold towers

EIS electricians in the process of setting up scaffolding set to get access to ceiling areas. In this particular installation we have used both electric powered scissor lift as well as scaffold tower

Unistrut, Threaded rods & Galvanised tray work

one of our electricians in the process of installing a uni-strut bracket system using threaded rods, slotted channels square washers, Hex nuts Spring nuts in order to install a cable tray suspended off the ceiling area

This cable tray was installed to carry 230V mains powered toughened PVC 5 core cables to supply power from distribution board to high bay lights and emergency lighting circuits

two birds in one stone

In this installation we are utilising cable tray system to,

  1. provide a support structure to lay all electrical cables lines in

  2. provide a fixing point for High bay lights ( high bay lights will be installed to the bottom of the cable tray system )

lights mounted to Tray

after installing High bay lights to the tray work with all cable termination work


short video clip of how high bay lights are mounted to the tray and wired to its junction box

Image of completed job

Closer view of tray work

complete installation

A video clip of completed installation