New wiring for 10 Apartments

10 Flats

This is one of our current projects in Heathrow West London area

  • 10 Apartments

  • 3 Communal areas

  • All external power supplies

  • Main incoming service distribution work

  • Solar Panel

  • Electric car charging for residents


Starting wiring work from top to bottom

We have two new developments from the same developer in the same area. They both have 5 flats to carry out separate wiring each

This image was taken while we were carrying out first fixing in one of the apartments in the top floor of one one the sites

Our electrician Sami marking out wall and installing back boxes

This is the second development, same again it has 5 apartments to wire

Sub-main SWA Install

in the process of installing steel wired armoured cables to supply electricity from main distribution area to each fuse board within each flat

Temporary site security

to protect our work in progress, we have installed intruder alarm and CCTV security system to each site

one of our electricians sami drilling through timber joists and preping for cable runs

Lots of joists to drill

to create cable access routes

top floor apartment in one of the sites 1st fixing in progress

on-suite wiring for one of the apartments

one of the developments with 5 apartments