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Electrical Blog: Benefits of Installing Outdoor Sockets in Your Garden

By adding outdoor sockets in your garden will transform it into an entertainment space or a welcoming space where you can chill with family, friends or on your own.

We have come up with our suggestions of how you could install outdoor sockets in your garden that would add style:

Garden Lighting

So far we use only candles and solar lighting however when considering how to illuminate the garden by creating beautiful effects and making the useable space into a warm evening, outdoor lighting is the best solution. Also if you are looking forward to create an entertainment or gorgeous seating area, exterior lighting should be in the plan for a successful project completion. Or you can also enjoy the garden lighting by sitting inside watching the floral displays and featured lighting in your flowerbeds would be beautiful.

Water Feature

This feature in the garden gives a closer look at allowing to sit and enjoy the calming sounds of the sea by creating that zen and chill. You can also plan a fantasy fountain or stones affair and a small bijou bowl with an electric pump and a bit of lighting to give that striking effect.

Plug and Play Hot Tub

Garden hot tubs owned by the rich have become an outdoor accessory with different versions available for affordable prices. You can set up a spa with twinkly lights and a gazebo in your backyard.

Electric Patio Heater

In Britain the evenings are a bit chilly as it does not have the warmth like Mediterranean nights, as a result you may think twice before sitting outside. So before you head to the sofa with a blanket try using an electric patio heater. These are portable and less bulky allowing you to move it around your garden and also they have various sizes and shapes with the table top, free standing, under umbrella and wall mounted versions are available with stylish designs.

Outdoor Bar

Nowadays, you also have the ability to build your own bar in your garden as an outdoor entertainment space. With the installation of power sockets in the garden may allow you to add lighting as well as a drinks fridge keeping your cocktails cool.

A Private Outdoor Cinema Experience

You also can recreate an outdoor cinema in your own back garden by having a private screen with your favourite movie. So all you have to do is to call some friends over, plug a projector, make some popcorn and choose a movie.

A Greenhouse Grow Light

We cannot forget the greenhouse where gardeners may invest their time in nurturing and growing plants.

Since the British climate is uncertain and sunshine is not constant an artificial grow light would be so helpful for the seedlings. This also means that we could grow plants during out of season making it a full year activity.

Gardening Power Tools

Having the right tools may help your garden to be at the top. There are many electrical power tools that ease the work by breaking them and a power socket in your garden will make it more easier without the need for wire extensions from windows.

A Garden Office or Hobby Room

Garden buildings have now become famous in the modern days for games rooms, hobby, guest accommodation and even home offices. There are many designs making it possible to find the right fit for your garden with a peaceful cosy cabin getaway. So when planning always think about power too. If you are willing to work in your garden then get it professionally built, fitted and wired with good internet cabling, power and lighting.

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