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Electrical Blog: Dealing With Faulty Electrical Sockets

When you plug your mobile phone charger into a socket, you might encounter a situation where your phone fails to charge as expected. In such instances, the electrical socket may be at fault. This guide will help you troubleshoot common issues, offering solutions that you can try before engaging a qualified electrician for assistance.

Testing Other Outlets for Functionality: In situations where a socket loses power, it's common for nearby outlets to be affected as well. Therefore, try plugging your charger into other outlets within the same room to check their functionality. If these outlets are also defective, the problem may originate from the breaker panel.

Inspecting Your Home's Breaker Panel for Flipped Breakers: Located typically in the basement or utility room, the breaker panel contains switches known as breakers, each responsible for powering specific areas of your property. If a breaker has flipped, its switch will be positioned between "OFF" and "ON." Reset the breaker by moving the switch to the "OFF" side and then back to "ON." Proceed to the problematic socket and retest it.

Unplugging Devices to Prevent Electrical Circuit Overload: If power returns to the socket after resetting the breaker, you may have overloaded the circuit. Overloading occurs when multiple devices, especially those generating heat, are connected to the same circuit. Each switch in the breaker panel corresponds to a distinct circuit. If overloading is the issue, the circuit breaker will trip to prevent potential hazards.

Note: If the breaker flips without overloading, it may indicate a short circuit. In such cases, avoid resetting the breaker and promptly seek assistance from an electrician.

Checking for Loose Connecting Wires: If the socket still lacks power after the above steps, there might be loose wires. If unsure about checking the wiring, seek assistance from an electrician.

Faulty Sockets: Though uncommon, sockets can burn out or become faulty. If attempting to replace the socket, ensure the breaker switch is OFF. Remove the socket cover, disconnect the wires, and install the new socket, ensuring proper connections.

Contacting an Electrician: If the issue persists after the troubleshooting steps, an electrician, equipped with specialized tools, can identify and address complex electrical problems. It's advisable to contact an electrician at this point for professional assistance.

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