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The basic intention of an emergency lighting installation is when an emergency occurs to maintain safe illuminance of high-risk tasks, allow people to move safely to the escape routes, provide guidance to the most effective exit by using safety signs that are visible at every stage of the escape route and to illuminate the route to ensure rapid egress avoiding obstacles.
High-risk tasks such as rotating machines, moving blades, hot surfaces, etc. must remain illuminated 10% of the normal light level until the risk can be made safe. This light level must be achieved within 0.5 seconds after the normal power is lost, so the light source must be maintained or tungsten halogen.

Q1. The emergency light fittings have been tested and they are not functioning in emergency mode for the full three hours.

Consider checking the following:
Have the battery packs been charging for a full 24 hour period?
Is the permanent supply remaining live when the building is unoccupied?
Have the batteries reached the end of their serviceable life? It is recommended to replace the batteries within self-contained luminaires after approx 4 years from the date of installation.

Q2. The lamp ends are blackening in the emergency luminaires or the lamps are failing prematurely.
Is it only occurring within the emergency luminaires?

If the answer is no the fault is likely to lie within the lamps themselves.
If the answer is yes confirm if all the mains power (including the permanent live supply) in the building is being switched off every night.

Q3. The charge healthy LED indicator is not illuminating.

If the charge healthy LED indicator is not illuminating check the following.
Is the permanent un-switched live supply present?
If the luminaire utilises a fused connector block confirm that the fuse has not blown as this will isolate the permanent supply from the inverter.
Is the battery connected up correctly?
Are the LED indicator connections secure within the luminaire?

If in doubt always contact a qualified electrician to check your electrical installation.
Should you require replacement emergency luminaires or batteries please feel free to contact us on 07984363052 and we will be glad to assist.

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