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Electrical Blog: Installing Your EV Charger

In the UK, we can see that electric vehicles are rapidly increasing and becoming popular where many business and home owners have started to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers in their properties. As a result, users get the opportunity to charge from their workplaces or at their homes itself which saves a lot of time and money. Currently there are 420,000 users and if you are one who is planning to install an EV charger in the future our guidance may support you to make the best decisions while listing down the benefits.

EV Charger Installation: What do you have to know?

As experienced and qualified electricians we have carried out a number of car charger installations in Luton and surrounding areas both commercial and residential over the years. Therefore, we would be more than happy to share our valuable knowledge in this article:

  • Choosing an EV charger

  • EV Charger Installation for Homes

  • EV Charger Installation for Businesses

Choosing an EV Charger

The type of EV charger you select may affect few things such as cost, property, grant eligibility and efficiency. The procedure will be as follows:

  • Free bespoke quotation - Initial step would be to direct you in the correct part in the form of an online enquiry. This is designed as a step by step sequence which includes all information by just obtaining details regarding the electric meter, consumer unit and the location of the EV charger.

  • Charger selection - You can specify the charger brand if you are aware when filling the form or else we can help by getting an appointment with accordance to your budget and your priority. There are so many brands such as Rolec, Zappi, Hypervolt, Easee and Andersen.

  • Installation and home adjustments - When installing there will be a need for adjustments or additional circuits. Subsequently, we will set up the apps and commission the device while guiding you how to use it.

EV Charger Installation for Homes

The benefits of installing an EV charger in your property would be:

  • Increase the value of your home - When deciding to sell the property, there will be many potential buyers if you add a charging point.

  • Save money - The cost of electricity fluctuates all the time however with reference to Auto Express, it will cost only 14p/kWh at home but in public it is 34p/kWh. Then, homeowners from rented properties or flats may obtain the EV charge point grant that covers 75% of the installation cost.

  • Save time - Due to this, you will avoid going to public charging points for extended periods letting you charge your vehicle quicker at home with freedom. The maximum current that is supplied by a home socket is approximately half by a specialised EV charger.

  • Increased convenience - You have the ability to charge your vehicle at anytime when needed or else you would be depending on the public stations waiting in queues making it more frustrating.

  • Ability to protect the vehicle's battery life - To preserve the battery life we should avoid charging it unnecessarily. It is best if you could charge for long periods rather than for shorter periods until its full which makes it easier when having a charger at home.

EV Charger Installation for Businesses

The benefits of installing a charger in your commercial property would be:

  • Wide range of locations - Whether it is a single or a fleet, we are able to install chargers with wide range of settings. These can be installed in both over ground and underground parking facilities for retail parks, offices, industrial sites etc.

  • Benefits to employees - Many of the benefits listed under the home charging points are applicable to employees with the access to workplace chargers. In this case, it would be an attractive perk focusing on valuing employees as well as the environment like CSR.

  • Flexible installation times - Many businesses have tight schedules nowadays therefore we can help you select installation options that would cause minimal disruption.

We hope our article was helpful even if you are a home owner or a business owner. Feel free to contact us for more free advice and guidance.

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