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Electric Infrared Heating for Warehouses 

we don't just sell, we supply & Install

If you are looking to heat up your warehouse with Electric Heating we can provide a cost effective solution

  • Ceiling Mount electric heaters

  • wall mount electric heaters

  • electric heaters that blow hot air (space heaters)

  • Infrared electric heaters 

  • Heating control contactors & switches 

regardless of the type of the ceiling you have (bare concreate structural ceiling, suspended grid ceiling etc) we can provide you a very cost effective solution 


Infrared electric heaters for warehouses seems to be the most popular choice these days for majority of the commercial installations, this is mainly because,

  • Cheaper Purchase price of heater units

  • cheaper installation cost 

  • Very little ongoing maintenance 

  • No noisy mechanical spinning fans 

  • No water leaks, Plumbing leaks

we can provide complete installation service at a very competitive price 

  • We will provide you with a FREE site survey 

  • Layout plan to work out best locations/positions to install heaters 

  • We will assess your available power capacity in your premises to make sure you can have electric heaters 

  • Plan cable routes, installation heights etc 

  • Provide a free no obligation quote 

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