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Home Intercom systems
Business Intercom systems

Missing Deliveries & Collections at work? 

Video Intercom is your solution 

We can supply & Install a colour high definition Video intercom system for your home & workplace
You can even remotely unlock your door, roller shutter or entrance gate with all our intercom systems

Get your intercom professionally installed with warranty at a very competitive price

* Professional Installation 

* Neat & tidy wiring

* Complete programming 

* Access your intercom
system from your smartphone from anywhere in the world

Video Intercoms for new builds and converted flats

Large Blocks of flats/Apartments

We can design, supply & install colour video intercom systems for large blocks of flats & similar newbuilds.


In a larger block of flats, you will usually have an outdoor intercom station by the main entrance door to the building, this will usually have a keypad & Proximity card reader built-in. Visitors can type the flat number, dial in and communicate with residents, residents can also unlock the main entry door for visitors to access the building

Built-in proxy card or fob reader enable residents to unlock main entry door when going in and out of the building 

residents will have 7" touch screen HD video monitor inside their flat to communicate with their visitors 


Small Converted flats  

If you have converted semi-detached or a detached house (in to 2,3 or4 flats) we can supply and install a smaller 4 button outdoor intercom system ( like the one in this picture here) with colour touch screen 7" monitors inside flats. residents can live view & talk to visitors via touch screen monitor as well as open entrance door 

Single-family home intercom 

Our smallest package comes with 1 outdoor station and one indoor video touch screen which is mainly designed for a single-family home. You also have the option to access and talk to your visitor via smart phone app 


Video Intercoms for warehouses & Offices 

you don't need to go up to the front door every time when someone presses the doorbell


If you have a busy warehouse with dispatch and other logistical functions you are likely to have various deliveries and collections coming in and out to the premises. With a video intercom system, your staff can easily talk to delivery people and either ask them to leave the package or unlock the door from the touchscreen without having to stop whatever they are doing.   

Indoor touch screen 

Our systems come with a colour 7" Touch screen with lots of functions. You can, 

  • Live view camera anytime

  • answer video calls when someone is at the door

  • unlock the front door, gate or even roller shutters

  • If you have multiple screens in different departments within your business, you could have multiple screens connected to the same outdoor intercom station. 

  • Different screens can be programmed to work with different buttons in the outdoor unit, for eg: Outdoor unit's button 1 can be allocated for the admin office upstairs & button 2 can be allocated for the warehouse downstairs 

  • You can also communicate internally between departments via video screens 

  • Video touch screens can be wall-mounted, put on a desktop stand or we can even install a custom bracket and mount to it if you need hikvision video intercom touch screen in the middle of your open warehouse area 


Home Intercom systems 

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