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Electrical Services Price List

Although we cover London and most of the surrounding areas, the below prices are only applicable to residential and small commercial customers within a 20mile radius from Luton LU3. Please contact us for prices for areas beyond this range (London etc) as well as large commercial customers. All below prices are labour costs only unless specified. Parking and other charges not included below 

Do you charge to come out and give us a quote for some electrical work that needs doing?

For most smaller jobs, we can give you a price over the phone ( we may ask you to send us some images via Whats App or email. For larger, more complex jobs we can visit your premises (no cost), survey, and provide you with a no-obligation quote provided you are flexible to arrange a visit convenient to both of us (usually within a day or two) 

It may take a day or two for us to arrange a free survey visit

What is your average cost of electrical services?

Prices do vary depending on the type of job, If arranged in advance we usually charge around £60 per hour for call-outs (residential) between normal working hours Monday to Friday. Please contact us for rates for commercial and industrial clients (as well as emergency and out of hours/ weekend work rates)

Electrical Safety Certificates,(EICR), Fixed wire testing - for rental properties and similar 

  • Studios & 1 Bedroom properties: £99

  • 2 Bedroom: £120

  • 3 Bedroom: £130

  • 4bedroom: £160

  • All prices above are based on 10 circuits or less, additional circuits priced at £10

Commercial Electrical Testing, Inspection EICR (Usually carried out as a part of Insurance company requirements)

  • Offices, Warehouses, Factories, etc 

  • Prices are based on the Number of circuits and the amount of sampling we need to carryout. If you send up some images of all your fuse boards (some warehouses have multiple fuse boards) we can work out a price and give you a quote 

Call-outs & small jobs 

  • Fuse tripping issues, Faults in circuits, fuse box faults, broken switches, no power to sockets, RCD tripping issues, damaged fittings & similar jobs 

  • £70 for the call-out including the first 1 Hour of work (Mon-Fri). Additional hours are calculated in 30-minute increments at the same rate 

  • In most cases (70% of our call-outs) we managed to fix the issue within the first hour of arrival, costing only £70 to our client

General electrical work prices

  • Electric cooker/oven replacement (like for like)  £70 - This is usually 1-hour work calculated at £70 for the call-out. If it requires additional cabling, new circuits, fuse upgrades, etc we will need more information to quote you a price. Best to send us some images of your current set-up ie: a photo of the existing wall connection point, isolator switch on the wall, photo of the existing oven as well as new oven or hob

  • Replace a ceiling light £60 - this is to replace an existing faulty or damaged ceiling light fitting with a new simple light such as a ceiling rose pendant or a basic round bulkhead type fitting or similar. If you require a chandelier or a similar type of more decorative light fixture installed, please send some images of the exiting light and the new light so that we can provide you with an accurate price

  • Outdoor floodlight/ Security light £135 (including a new LED sensor light)Applicable to installations where you have a suitable power source within a 2-meter range of your new floodlight position ( power source can be inside of the house or outside). If inside we will have to drill through and install cable to the outside to supply power to the new light 

  • Outdoor Socket (supply & install) £95 - we can supply and install an outdoor water-resistant double socket outlet only for £95. This price is applicable to installations where you have an existing socket inside the house on an external wall where we can drill through to the outside and install outdoor socket back to back

  • Ring/nest doorbell installation costs £120 - this is to remove your existing mains-powered doorbell system and install a new ring doorbell system (labour costs). If you currently have no doorbell and require completely new wiring work, please send us some images and we will provide you with a quote

  • Storage/electric heater replacement costs - £85 (you provide the new heater and we will replace the old one with it) wiring back to the existing wiring point. If you need a new PowerPoint installed to install a new electric heater, please send us some images and we can provide you with an accurate price 

  • Replacement of old sockets and switches to new decorative fittings (chrome etc) £80 - This is approximately to replace around 7 fittings ( combination of sockets and switches that you will provide us). This is only to change the faceplate of number of fittings (with no issues with backbox depths and existing conductor lengths)  If you could provide us with a full list of items/quantities we can provide an accurate quote

  • Installing a new power point £80 - approximate cost of installing an extra double socket point

  • Pull code switch of the bathroom light replacement - £75 after a number of years of good use, pull code switch of the bathroom light go faulty and require replacement. For £75 we can supply and install a new pull code switch to replace the old one

  • Pull code shower switch replacement - £85 - Supply and replace a standard white pull code shower switch 

  • Faulty switch replacement £65 - to supply and replace a basic white wall switch (1Gang)

  • Earth bonding installation to GAS or water £85 - applicable to installation where GAS or water main service lines are easily accessible from fuse box position and within 2meter distance. Contact us for other installations 

  • FUSE BOX replacements £450 (Dual RCD) We will supply and install a fire-rated (18th edition requirements) dual RCD modern 10 way consumer unit (fuse box) to replace your old fuse box, We will also provide you with a new Electrical Installation Certificate for this upgrade as well

  • FUSE BOX replacements ( other variations) - We also provide fuse board replacements and upgrades with RCBO devices and Surge protection. Contact for pricing and details 

Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting (Inspection & Certification)

  • For most small to medium commercial conventional fire alarm systems with up to 15 devices - £150

       We will come out to your site, carry out a full inspection and testing of your fire alarm system and provide you with a

       certification. Usually, your insurance company require you to have this in place 

  • Emergency lighting - up to 30 emergency light points  £175 ( This is a 3-hour test) 

       We will come out to you, do a full test and inspection, provide you with a certification

Electric Car charging Points (EV chargers) 

We can install car chargers from any brand or make of your choice. Currently we find Project EV smart car chargers to provide good value for money. As we are approved installers with OZEV (office for zero-emission vehicles government scheme, we can get a £350 government grant towards your installation (some changes to this scheme will come on March 2022)

Approximate cost of an electric car charger standard installation (residential)

1.) Project EV car charger unit : £455

2.) 10 meters of 6mm cable, installation material, and a standard circuit breaker for your fuse box up to the value of (£10): £91

3.) Installation costs ( Labour): £350

Total (with out grant): £896

Cost to you after £350 OZEV grant (£896-£350): £546

Please refer to our dedicated EV charger page for more details

Prices for other installation work (including commercial & industrial)

Lighting for your workplace 


If you need to get a price to change 1 or 2 lights in your warehouse/office or thinking of completely moving into brighter and energy-efficient LED lighting to save electricity, feel free to give us a call for a Free no-obligation quote.

3 Phase power outlets ( for forklift chargers, commercial & industrial machinery)

If you can provide us with a few images of your fuse board, the location where you need the 3 Phase power outlet, and the cable run, we can provide you with a quote over the phone 

Garden office/shed/summer house/ outbuilding power supply

If you require a price for outbuilding power supply for lighting and sockets, contact us for pricing details

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