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Electric Car Charger Installation

We need a short video clip to see the proposed installation location of the charger, your fuse box, electric meter, and cable run between fuse box and car charger location. Please refer to the sample video below. 

We install a wide range of electric car chargers for home & workplace use. To get a quote simply send us the information below

In addition to the above video clip, we require some images as per below

Please send video clip and images to the below mobile number via "Whats-App" messenger


Please include your name, email address, contact number, and the address of the installation so that we can send your quotation

One of our recent EV Charger installations 

EV Charging is changing 

New UK laws will require chargepoints to respond to periods of high demand by slowing or delaying charging sessions, but drivers will always be in control. Here’s how.


The UK’s plug-in vehicle population is growing at record pace. Despite ongoing supply issues, there were twice as many plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles on our roads in June 2021 compared to the end of 2019[1] and that demand isn’t slowing down[2]. With most charging likely to take place at home, the Government is taking steps to ensure that the electrical grid can keep up watch the video below for details.

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