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Electrical Blog: How To Know If My Property Needs Rewiring?

Here you can find some useful guidelines below to see if your rental or home property needs a rewiring done:

  1. Light fittings - If your light fittings such as pendant lights are located not in the centre but near windows then this property needs a rewiring done as this style is from 1950s or 60s. But if it is rewired the lights would move towards the centre with accordance to modern day standards.

2. Sockets and Switches – If they are worn and old or bakelite switches and sockets are still being in use like in the past, then this property needs a rewiring done because those would be replaced.

3. Fuse box – If the property has an old Wylex Fuse Box or something similar then the property needs a rewiring done. Normally, if you plan to renovate your property it is best that you get an EICR or Electrical Installation Condition Report done which would inspect if any rewiring should be done. Many old properties still possess old fuse boxes from earlier days therefore it is a must that you replace it after 40 years as it deteriorates to be safe.

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