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Electrical Blog: PAT Testing - A Requirement or Recommendation?

With reference to health and safety regulations businesses may want to ensure safety for their employees while complying with H&S guidance. Currently, there is a confusion whether PAT Testing is required or recommended for businesses to carry out. The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 mentions that electrical equipment should be maintained safely if it can cause any harm or injury. However, these regulations may not specify the things to be done how frequently or by whom which means it is not a legal requirement. It is ideal if PAT Testing can be done regularly by businesses unless if there is an electrician who would maintain and regularly check all electrical appliances. Additionally, the frequency of testing and inspection may depend on the environment and type of equipment like examining a power tool in a construction site more than a hotel bedroom lamp. It is recommended that PAT Testing should be done annually for all those businesses with lab equipment and a staff kitchen.

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